8 Best Grilling Spices Gift Sets To Wrap For The Holidays

Are your family and friends BBQ enthusiasts? If so, the best grilling spices gift set would be a much appreciated present for the holidays. It will bring flavor to their celebration as well as their favorite grill recipes.

With a spice gift set, your barbecue-obsessed loved ones can experiment with various flavors. Overall, it’s a practical and useful gift that you can get at a very reasonable cost.

Below, I reviewed eight grilling spice sets that I personally would love to get as a gift for myself!

 Our Top Pick! 
Smokehouse Grilling
Spice Gift Set
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Spicewalla 10-Pack Grill
Seasoning Gift Set
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Craft Spice Blends
Grilling and Rubs Gift Set
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Urban Accents Foodie
Essentials 5-Piece Gift Set
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The Good Hurt Fuego:
Grillin’ Gift Set
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The Spice Lab Taste of
America Spices Gift Set
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The Spice Lab Barbecue
Seasoning Gift Set
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FreshJax Smoked
Spices 5-Piece Gift Set
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Best Grilling Spices Gift Set – Top 8 Picks


OUR TOP PICK: Smokehouse by Thoughtfully Grilling Spice Gift Set
  • Flavors and Blends
  • Packaging
  • Value for Money


All these spices come in a branded display gift box. Each bottle contains 6 grams of seasoning, perfect for spice tasting. The only thing that’s missing is your holiday gift wrapper! Overall, the bottles are sized well, and the price is budget-friendly. This gift is also suitable for all occasions, be it birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and so on. I just wish that the bottles are available in bigger sizes. But other than that, this set is a perfect gift idea without digging into your savings. After all, this is one of the largest sets I’ve seen and quite a favorite among grillers.


Large set containing 20 spice blends The branded gift box is already included. Affordable gift set 100% satisfaction guarantee


The bottles aren’t available in larger sizes. It has a lot of salt blends.


Spicewalla 10-Pack Grill Seasoning Gift Set

best grilling spices gift set

If you’re looking for larger bottles, you should consider the Spicewalla 10-Pack Grill Seasoning Gift Set. This is a great present for those who love grilling large food servings since each can contains around 49 to 56 grams of spices.

Moreover, this 10-pack gift set contains mustard & tarragon rub, Carolina pork rub, honey & herb rub, cowboy steak rub, and cracked coriander and pepper. To complete the ensemble, this set also contains tandoori masala, Modena balsamic rub, herbes de provence, lemon pepper, and Cyprus flake salt.

This set is non-GMO, keto-safe, and paleo-friendly. Also, these spice blends are produced in small batches to ensure freshness in every can. This isn’t surprising since Spicewalla was founded by award-winning restaurateur Meherwan Irani.

Aside from that, the spices are packed in cute tin cans instead of bottles. Also, your purchase is already inclusive of a branded gift box.

If you’re stretching your budget, this set is also available in 3 and 6-pack versions. Overall, it’s slightly more expensive than the Smokehouse set above but worth it if you want to send a quality gift to a loved one.

Overall, the spices are well-blended, though I noticed that it’s a bit heavy on cracked black pepper. If the person you’re gifting this isn’t a fan of pepper, this blend may not be the best choice.

  • Larger amount per can
  • Chef-driven spice blends
  • Non-GMO and paleo-friendly
  • Available in 3-, 6-, and 10-pack versions
  • The gift box is already included
  • It’s a bit heavy on cracked black pepper.
  • Slightly pricier than other sets

Craft Spice Blends Grilling and Rubs Gift Set

best grilling spices gift set

The Craft Spice Blends Grilling and Rubs Gift Set is a perfect present for all occasions. It’s an excellent choice not just for grilling but also for smoking, baking, cooking, and roasting. The self-proclaimed grill master in your life surely won’t get enough of these blends!

This set contains four bottles of various spice blends. It has the Bourbon Barrel Steak Seasoning, Whiskey Maple Smoke Rub, Ale House Chicken Seasoning, and IPA Chili Seasoning. These blends are produced in small batches to ensure freshness and fullness of flavor.

Moreover, I like that this gift set has larger seasoning amounts compared to the first two I reviewed. These bottles have around 113 to 141 grams of seasoning, which is well worth the price.

Aside from that, all these spices are calorie-free and low in sodium. With that, it’s not just flavorful but also a healthy gift for your loved ones.

You can also get this in Happy Hour, and BBQ Rubs sets. The two are equally tasty blends, and if you have the budget, you can get all three sets as a big gift!

As for the price, I can say that this set is already a steal considering the amount of spices you’ll get. A branded gift box is already included, so it’s ready for gift-wrapping.

  • Produced in small batches
  • Large spice amounts per bottle
  • Low-sodium and calorie-free
  • Available in two other blend sets
  • The jars have shaker tops.
  • It can be tricky to use since it’s pre-blended.

Urban Accents Foodie Essentials 5-Piece Gift Set

best grilling spices gift set

The Urban Accents Foodie Essentials is a 5-piece gift set that you can wrap for any occasion. This includes pre-blended spices to match various recipes you have in mind.

For this set, you’ll get a Fisherman’s Favorite seasoning, which is a perfect blend of salty, garlicky, and citrusy. Another spice blend in this set is the Chicago Steak & Chop, which is zestier and has a more peppery taste than the other blend.

To complete the ensemble, this gift set also comes with three seasoning blends. These are Athenian Herb Dryglaze, Parmesan Mediterranean Veggie Roaster, and Balsamic & Roasted Onion Veggie Roaster. All of these are grill-ready and come in small packets, so no seasoning gets wasted.

Moreover, this gift set comes in a Foodie Essentials gift box. Also, each spice blend is produced in small batches, so your loved one will surely get fresh flavors. I also like that their seasonings aren’t heavily salted.

I also like the company’s customer service, and they are willing to rectify any quality issues on their products. Overall, this set comes nicely packaged and perfect for gifting.

  • Produced in small batches
  • Excellent customer service
  • Blended for both veggies and meat
  • Low in sodium
  • Value for money spices
  • I just wish that the bottles come with shaker tops, but it’s not really a biggie.

The Good Hurt Fuego Grillin’ Gift Set

Are you looking for the real ‘spice bomb’? Well, you’re in luck with The Good Hurt Fuego. Their grillin’ gift set comes in tall bottles packaged like dynamites. And true enough, these spices deliver an explosion of flavors, which the chef in your life will surely love.

This pack of 7 contains spice blends like Chipotle lime, Jamaican jerk, black Cajun, Southwest, Memphis, Montreal, and Mexican seasonings. All of it comes in sprinkle bottles for easy application.

Aside from that, you can get this spice set in a sauce version. It’s also gift bag-ready and bundled with a gift box.

Overall, these are good starter kits and a spice tester. It’s also a budget-friendly gift without compromising quality. The bottles are also refillable so that they can be used for long.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for flavor lovers, you’ll never go wrong with The Good Hurt Fuego. The packaging is also fun, which adds value to your purchase.

As for the downside, I wish the bottles were bigger and had more product. The sauce set is also mediocre and nothing really special.

  • Fun and unique packaging
  • Refillable bottle
  • Packed with flavors
  • Available in a sauce set
  • Gift bag ready
  • I wish the bottles are larger.
  • The sauce set isn’t as flavorful as the spices.

The Spice Lab Taste of America Spices Gift Set

best grilling spices gift set

The Spice Lab Taste of America Spices Gift Set is perfect for dads and boyfriend who loves grilling. It’s composed of four spice blends: Key West, Everything+ More, Southern Charm, and Chicago Chop seasonings. Each bottle has a lot of product so that it will last for multiple grilling.

Each jar has a shaker top, which makes the spices easy to apply. The spices itself are blended using premium ingredients that are gluten-free, non-GMO, and all-natural.

Moreover, each spice blend has a full flavor and umami taste. It promises to deliver authentic American taste in every use.

Whether you’re grilling steak, veggies, pork chops, or seafood, this spice bundle won’t disappoint. It’s also a good deal considering the price.

I just wish that there’s a seal for the spices, but it’s not a very big deal. I really don’t have any serious complaints for this price range since the flavor is also impressive.

Overall, I like the packaging, and it makes a great gift. The inclusions are only four blends, but the set is already a great buy since it comes in large amounts.

  • Non-GMO and all-natural spices
  • Suitable for meat, veggies, and seafood
  • The jars have shaker tops
  • Authentic American flavors
  • The jars don’t have a seal, but not really a biggie.

The Spice Lab Barbecue Seasoning Gift Set

Another Spice Lab gift set I recommend is the Barbecue Seasoning blend. This is composed of four spice jars, including Bad to Bone, Sweet Rib Rub, Smoky Pecan, and Ancho Chili+Coffee Rub. All of it is packed with flavor and suitable for all types of meat you want to grill.

Moreover, all of these spices are made in the USA and have shaker tops. It’s blended specifically for chicken, beef, and pork, so your loved ones will enjoy flavorful meals, whatever occasion there is.

Aside from that, the Smoky Pecan blend doesn’t have pecan nuts in it. Instead, they used pecan smoked wood, so those with allergies to pecan nuts can still enjoy the spice.

Take note that these aren’t salt-free, but the sodium level remains manageable. Nevertheless, all of these spice blends are MSG-free, so it only delivers authentic and natural flavors.

In addition, these spices aren’t sugar-free, but I believe The Spice Lab has a separate keto line for those who are looking for sugar-free spices to give out as gifts.

As for the downside, my only niggle is that the seasonings aren’t sealed. But overall, this is a great product for the money.

  • Safe for those with pecan nut allergies
  • MSG-free and all-natural
  • Low in sodium
  • The jars have shaker tops
  • Made specifically for grilling meats
  • The jars have no seal.

FreshJax Smoked Spices 5-Piece Gift Set

For those who are gift-shopping on a budget. I highly recommend the FreshJax Smoked Spices Gift Set. This is a five-piece set that you can get for a very affordable price. It’s composed of mesquite lime, burger blend, smokey sea salt, smoked cherrywood, and Southwest grill blend.

All of these spices are available in medium-sized jars, complete with a branded gift box. The best part is that these blends are all certified organic and certified Kosher. On top of that, these spices are non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and free from artificial flavors.

Take note that these are salt-based seasonings. If you’re looking for low-sodium blends, the seven other gift sets I reviewed above would be better options.

Aside from Smoked Spices, this FreshJax set is also available in All-Star BBQ, Keto Grilling, Taste The World, and more blends. You can easily find the right flavor for the person you’re planning to surprise.

One thing I also like about this gift set is that FreshJax runs its own Campaign To End Childhood Hunger. Every purchase of this gift set helps their cause. So as you send a gift to someone, you’re also helping kids in need.

Above all, FreshJax provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee for their products. If you’re not happy, you can get your money back. For me, that’s an unbeatable guarantee for this kind of product.

  • Available in different spice blends
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Affordable spice gift set
  • Vegan-friendly and certified Kosher
  • Certified all-natural
  • No shaker screen, but not a deal-breaker
  • A bit smaller than other spice gift sets but understandable due to the price.

How to choose the best grilling spices gift set

There are many spice sets in the market, each packed with flavors at varying prices. If this is your first time buying one, here are a few things to consider:


You should first check the included spices and herbs inside the box. Most of the time, the inclusions will vary in size, depending on your budget.

For starters, here are the inclusions you should consider:

  • Garlic
  • Thyme
  • Chili
  • Rosemary
  • Salt blends
  • Parsley
  • Pepper
  • Coriander
  • Meat Rub

Take note that these are just the basic spices you can find in a gift set. Depending on the flavors the person prefers, you can get a small set or a larger one.

Overall, you’ll never go wrong with traditional spice blends. Aside from grilling, these spices can be used in other recipes.

🌶️Gift box

Aside from the included spices, you should also check the packaging. Personally, I prefer one that comes with a branded gift box. It’s presentable, and it also adds value to your purchase. Moreover, an included gift box will save you from the hassle of wrapping the spice bottles.

🌶️Price range

Lastly, you should consider the value for money of the spice sets you’re going to buy. Cheap sets are affordable, but they may not have the best flavors.

If you want to send the best gift, consider shelling out a few more bucks to get tried and tested spice sets instead. While it will cost you more, you’ll have peace of mind that the person who will receive it will actually like the gift.

My top secrets in using spices while grilling

Did you receive a spice gift set or buy one for yourself? Either way, you’ll enjoy the full flavors of these spices if you know how to use them right.

So for this section, I will share some of my top secrets when it comes to applying spices for grilling. Read on and see if it will work its magic on your next recipe:

  • Choose the right combination. Sure, spices are flavorful, but not all of them go together. For example, rosemary goes well with smoked paprika, sea salt, and lemon pepper. Also, parsley is a great blend with thyme, garlic powder, oregano, and hot paprika.
  • Don’t forget the salt. Whatever rub you’re using, make sure that you’ll add a small amount of salt. This will unleash the full flavor of the rub. However, you should only sprinkle the salt right before cooking to prevent it from drawing moisture out of the meat. This is in case you’re going to apply the rub hours before cooking.
  • Grind your spices. If you want to enjoy the full flavors of your spices, consider grinding them first. You can use an electric spice grinder to pulverize your choice of spice. This will be easier to apply, and the flavors will cling to the meat even more.
  • Watch out over the rub’s thickness. Avoid applying a very thick layer of dry rub as it will burn on the grill and create a bitter taste. My rule of thumb is that you should be content with whatever clings to the meat after rubbing.
  • Rubs are more than just about grilling. Aside from grilled meat, you can also use dry rubs on salads, dips, stir-fries, and more. Through this, you can make the most out of the best grilling spices gift set you received.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What herbs are good for grilling?

A: Grilling is an exciting way to integrate herbs into your cooking. Some of the common favorites are thyme, rosemary, dill, chives, and fennel. Many grillers experiment with different herbs and spices to suit the flavor they want to achieve. Also, the best choice of herbs varies on the type of meat you’re cooking.

Q: Do herbs burn on the grill?

A: Herbs burn fast, so it’s best to soak them in water first. Others place the herbs in an aluminum packet to let them endure the lengthy smoking process. Also, fresh herbs tend to last longer on the grill, not to mention that it also delivers a stronger flavor than dried ones.

Q: What are the best spices to smoke?

A: Some of the best spices to smoke are cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, cumin, and red pepper. However, make sure that you wrap them in aluminum foil to make the spices last long in the heat. You should also try consuming them as soon as possible, so you’ll enjoy their full taste.

Q: Do you put a dry rub on before grilling?

A: You need to put the dry rub into the meat before grilling. Unlike other seasonings, there’s no need to wait after applying the rub. You can place the meat into the grill immediately. There’s no need to wait for the spices and flavors to seep into the meat.

Q: Should you put pepper on the steak before grilling?

A: For the best flavor, it’s important to season your steak with freshly ground pepper. It’s important to control the heat to prevent the peppers from burning and imparting a bitter taste to the meat. Also, you should be modest in the amount so it doesn’t create a burnt layer on your steak.

Final words

The best grilling spices gift set is a timeless present for all occasions. The chef in your life will surely love receiving one of these sets, whether it’s for Christmas, birthday celebration, Valentine’s Day, or any occasion. The best part is that you can get these sets for a very reasonable cost.

What do you think of these spice gift sets? Share your thoughts below!